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Capital Group home buyers for cash program is the most unique "We Buy House for Cash" program in the marketplace.  We're the only source that will give you two options.  One to sell your house for cash and the second option if qualified we will buy your house, you get to lease it for one year with an option to buy it back.  We call it the Sell - Lease -Buy Back Option Program.  The first option is strait forward and simple, we make you an offer for cash, you accept the offer,  we close within 7 - 10 days, then you move out and we make repairs and place home on the market.  The second program, we buy the house then you lease it back and you have up to one year to exercise your option to buy the property back at a set price.   This will allow you to be relieved from the stress of having to pack up and move, but to remain in the home as a renter.  We begin to show you what you will need to qualify to buy the house back and the most important aspect is paying the rent on time.   This will show our lender that you're able to make monthly payments on time and that you can afford the home.
ANY Reason
  • Foreclosure
  • Relocation
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Divorce
  • Inherited Properties
  • Moving Up
  • Past Due Taxes
  • Downsizing
ANY Condition
  • Problem Tenants
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Pretty or Brand New Homes
  • Storm Damaged Homes
  • Unfinished Construction
  • Ugly Outdated Houses
  • Termite Damage
  • Fire Damage Homes
Any Challenges
  • Large Liens
  • Home Association Problems
  • Out of Area Property
  • Title Issues
  • Code Violations
  • Hoarder Homes
  • Foreclosures
  • Low Equity
We Buy Houses
There are multiple companies that promote "We Buy Houses" but not all are legitimate businesses.  When dealing with a business that will buy your house, you want to be sure that they are a registered business and not just someone who put bandit signs up on the street corner, which are illegal.  I don't recommend you do business with anyone with bandit signs on the side of the road because they're most likely breaking the law.  Most cities have ordinance codes to prevent this from happening and this is why you see city pick-up trucks picking up those signs just about every other day otherwise this will become trash literally in the streets eventually.  We have nearly 28 years of buying houses in multiple states and we know how to help people in just about any situation.   Most clients will choose this route due to needing to get access to cash as soon as possible or because they're having difficulty selling their property in it's current condition.  We understand that selling your house can be a sensitive issue.  It could be your first home you purchased or a home which has many memories and you really want to keep it for personal reasons, but often times we have to make difficult decisions to do what is best for us or our family's and sometimes that means to receive something rather than lose everything and have it go on record for 7 to 10 years.
Why Choose Capital Group Over Other We Buy Houses Companies
  • We Do A Property Valuation Report Within Minutes Not Days
  • We Buy Rehabs, Old Houses, New Houses, Construction Homes
  • We Give You An Offer Usually Within 24 Hours
  • We Buy Houses Nationwide Unlike A Lot of Local Only Buyers
  • We Can Close Usually Within 7 to 10 Business Days
  • We Can Help You Re-Establish Your Credit If Needed Immediately
  • We Can Help You Get Qualified to Buy Another Home Within 12 Months
  • We Get You Approved With Credit Companies To Rebuild Credit
we buy house cash
we buy house for cash
we buy house for cash
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we buy houses
We Buy Houses Cash
We Buy Houses Cash Fast In Any Area!

Foreclosure. It's a word that's sending shivers of fear down the back for many a household in the current financial crisis. If you see you maybe heading for trouble, you can take steps NOW to prevent foreclosure on your home.

How to Sell Your House Fast Without Losing It to Foreclosure?

If you see yourself maybe heading for trouble, you can take steps NOW to prevent foreclosure on your home.   As with anything of this magnitude, you need to act quickly. Don't wait until it's too late to turn things around.

You may be facing:
.    The loss of a job
.    Cuts in hours or overtime pay
.    Retirement
.    Illness, injury, or the death of a family member
.    Divorce or separation

If your family is facing any of these changes and cannot pay your bills, now is the time to look closely at what you owe and what you earn, eliminating unnecessary spending and reaching out for help if you still can't meet your financial obligations. Taking action now can help you protect your family from the loss of your home.

On the next page are some steps you need to take now, to safeguard your home for the future, and put the threat of foreclosure behind you.
Remember, the time to act is now. The longer you wait, the deeper the problem becomes.

Many people avoid calling their lenders when they have money troubles. Most of us are embarrassed to discuss our money problems with others or believe that if lenders know we are in trouble, they will rush to collection or foreclosure.
Lenders want to help borrowers keep their homes. Foreclosure is expensive for lenders, mortgage insurers and investors. HUD/FHA, as well as private mortgage insurance companies and investors like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, require lenders to work aggressively with borrowers who are facing money problems.

Lenders have workout options to help you keep your home. However, these options work best when your loan is only one or two payments behind. The farther behind you are on your payments, the fewer options are available.
Do not assume that your problems will quickly correct themselves. Don't lose valuable time by being overly optimistic. Contact your mortgage lender to discuss your circumstances as soon as you realize that you are unable to make your payments. While there is no guarantee that any particular relief will be given, most lenders are willing to explore every possible option.

To help you, lenders typically need:
.        Your loan account number
.        A brief explanation of your circumstances
.        Recent income documents (such as Pay stubs; Benefit Statements from Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, Retirement, or Public Assistance. If you are Self-employed, have your tax returns or a Year-to-date Profit and Loss Statement available for reference)
.    List of household expenses

Expect to have more than one phone conversation with your lender. Typically, your lender will mail you a "loan workout" package. This package contains information, forms and instructions. If you want to be considered for assistance, you must complete the forms and return them to your lender quickly. The completed package will be reviewed before the lender talks about a solution with you.
CALL TODAY! The sooner you call; the sooner help is available.  

If you do not contact your lender, your lender will try to contact you by mail and phone soon after you stop making payments. It is very important that you respond to the mail and the phone calls offering help. If your lender does not hear from you they will be required to start legal action leading to foreclosure. This will substantially increase the cost of bringing your loan current.  

If you don't feel comfortable talking with your lender, you should immediately contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency and arrange an appointment with a counselor. A counselor will help you assess your financial situation, determine what options are available to you, and help you negotiate with your lender. A counselor will be familiar with the various workout arrangements that lenders will consider and will know what course of action makes the most sense for you and your family, based on your circumstances. In addition, the counselor can call the lender with you or on your behalf to discuss a workout plan. By meeting with a counselor before your mortgage payments are too far behind, you can protect yourself from future credit problems.
A good counselor will help you establish a monthly budget plan to ensure that you can meet all of your monthly expenses, including your mortgage payment. Your personal financial plan will clearly show how much money you have available to make the mortgage payment. This analysis will help you and your lender determine whether a reduced or delayed payment schedule could help you. Also, a counselor will have information on services, resources, and programs available in your local area that may provide you with additional financial, legal, medical or other assistance that you may need.

Frequently Ask Questions
  • Do You Only Buy Houses That Need Repairs?   No, we buy any type of house if it fits our guidelines.
  • How Long Does It Take To Close and Receive Cash?  Usually we can close within 7 - 10 Business Days.  We have to have clear title, then we can close.
  • Can I Stay In The House After Closing?  Usually NO, but if you qualify for our Lease Buy Back Option, then yes.
  • Who Are Our Typical Clients?  Sellers whose homes are stagnant on the market, Sellers who are divorcing and need to sell quickly, People experiencing bankruptcy, People with homes in probate or foreclosure, People who need to relocate for a job fast, Owners who are evicting tenants, Vacant Homes and Trashed or Damage Homes.
  • Will I have to Pay Anything at Closing?  No, we pay all the closing cost and usually the seller receives a check at closing depending on how much equity.
  • Will My Current Mortgage Be Paid Off? Yes, except in certain cases that your property was acquired as "Subject To Financing".
  • What is Subject To Financing?  Subject to Financing is when the buyer takes over your mortgage payments and give you an agreed amount of cash for assignment of deed.
  • Are We Buy Houses Business Legal?  Yes, they are legal but you want to make sure you're dealing with an ethical legitimate business first before signing documents.
  • Do You Only Buy Residential Properties?  No, we buy residential and commercial in this program.
Do You Own An Unwanted House or Need to Sell Quickly?
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We Buy Houses Cash and Fast in Any Condition In Any Area.  We Can Often Close Within 7 Business Days of Less.  Fill Out the Form and Get Contacted Immediately!

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